Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Surrender the bliss or joy of your meditation. Letting go, not holding on even to peace. When you hold on to peace, all you get is disturbance. If you hold on to joy, all that you get is misery. If you dont care for joy, misery will never touch you. If you dont care for peace, nothing will disturb you.

Everything is part of life, So make use of every situation in life as a step towards growth. Aceept and receive everything as a part of life. This endurance is the seventh spiritual law. When you dont hang on to pleasure you become free, and when you dont hang on to freedon, you gain love. It is a natural law, a natural progression; The universal spirit loves you so much. You must know this first, god loves you so much. When you forget god and try to hold on to small things, for a while, the divine keeps quiet. Then a problem arises in your life. Problems come so that you can be centered and joy comes for you to serve and be grateful. Seek to find that balance and make use of every situation in life for your growth.

Agression is the antidote to depression. Wise are those who do not fall either into agression or depression.

That is the golden rule of yogi. Just wake up and acknowledge you are a yogi.